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The Central California location of Stockton is the key area for domestic rail, interstate networks, along with connection to the San Francisco/Oakland International gateway for ISO container movement and distribution. The greater area of Stockton is one of the few locations that continues to expand with the BNSF and UP class one rail facilities, Fortune 500 companies building DC operations, the largest Ag/Wine export production areas on the West Coast and the largest inland bulk/rail Port facility in California.

We have recently expanded to the Port of Stockton, and are the only logistics service provider in Northern California that has direct access to marine, railroad and major highway connectors. We are well connected to both domestic and international shipping communities offering connections to rail, major shipping lines, NVOCC’s, freight forwarders, and customhouse brokers with the Port of Oakland and the Port of Stockton. The Port of Stockton is the largest inland bulk port and class one rail connected port in the State of California, with over 2000 acres of capacity.

Located at the Port of Stockton, Best Logistics, Inc. is proud to be part of the Port’s bright new future and the city’s historical past.

Approximately 70 nautical miles east of San Francisco Bay, Stockton is a unique port town due to its extreme inland location in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley agricultural belt.

Boasting more than seven million square feet of warehouse space and enough berthing space in the main channel to accommodate up to 17 vessels in the 45,000 to 55,000-ton class, the Stockton Deep Water Channel sees such cargo as coal, scrap steel, almonds, beet pulp pellets, logs, molasses, and grain pass through its waters in an average day. Far from being “all work and no play,” the waters of the San Joaquin and Sacramento River Delta also provide a variety of recreational opportunities.

In the years following the California Gold Rush, failed fortune-seekers headed back to Stockton and developed elaborate levy networks and a dredging system to maximize the navigability of the Delta, improving on the transport time between the farms of San Joaquin Valley and the profitable markets in the Bay Area. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, riverboats and ferries were the ‘en vogue’ modes of transport between the Bay Area, Stockton, and Sacramento, just 50 or so miles to the north.

Since the 1930s, some 500,000 acres worth of man made islands – more than 55 of them – have been in use. Today, guests to Stockton should take time to explore the area, especially since tree-lined streets pass by beautiful old riverside homes, a handful of ferries still run regular routes, and working, century-old draw bridges recollect a different era of engineering.

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